The Great Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is one of the most important eliminative systems in our bodies! It is made up of the spleen, thymus, appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and the lymph in all interstitial areas of the body. 

The Lymphatic System is the bodies Police Force and Sewer System! It removes cellular waste, excessive fat soluble compounds from GI tract, and it is the “House” of the immune system. It creates white blood cells & antibodies and is the battleground where immune cells battle pathogens including bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc. There are active and passive developments of immunity. Active is one's own innate and adaptive immune response. Passive is passed from mother to fetus. 

Our lymph vessels (kind of like capillaries or veins) and lymph nodes are filled with lymph fluid which is an alkaline translucent fluid that flows from cells to the venous blood supply. The blood carries nutrients to the rest of the body. They become congested and stagnant when we consume highly acid and mucus forming foods such as dairy. 

It is great to get the lymph moving because it does not have a pump unlike our blood & heart pump. Ways to move the lymph include: pressure change, contraction of skeletal muscles (movement & exercise), and smooth muscle stimulation. Low blood pressure affects the lymph and is also a sign of kidney or adrenal weakness. 

The lymph nodes act like the septic tanks of the sewer system and work to filter, neutralize, bond and destroy pathogens, antigens, etc. One of the main lymph nodes filter the thoracic (chest) area and upper extremities (axillary nodes) through the Axilla (arm pits). The groin area for pelvis and legs, the mesentery or abdominal area filters the GI tract) which may become enlarged and swollen if not properly draining.

The Lymphatic System drains through the kidneys which is why it is s important to get the kidneys filtering! Often times people complain of bloating or feeling sick on a high fruit diet. This is most commonly because the kidneys are not filtering and all of the lymph they are finally getting to move with the fruit has no way of getting out! I encourage everyone to work up to a moderate sweat every day. A sauna is a great way to sweat without exerting too much energy. Start dancing & grooving- get that lymph moving!

Alessandra Gastaldello