Transitions are the points in our lives where we are moving from one state or condition to another. From one point of consciousness to another. They are not always easy, in fact, they can be incredibly tough sometimes! Whether it is transitioning in and out of a cleanse, relationship, job, or house- it can get intense! How do we learn to ride the waves and smoothly switch over with as much ease and grace as we can?! We become the observer rather than being so caught up in it! We notice the cravings or sensations that arise. We notice the arguments or resistance. The stagnant energy that is being stirred up. We notice all of the to-do’s that aren’t getting done or the boxes that aren’t being packed. We face them head on and simply observe. We prioritize, we organize and then we take ACTION- not reaction! We realize that we are only human and there is only so much we can do at once without exploding. 

Cleanses are incredibly important to transition in and out of. I have so many friends who are interested in incorporating more high-vibrational foods like fruit & veggies but just don’t know where to begin. [Don't worry I have an ebook for that now!! ;) ] Are you a go-getter or prefer to take your time? Honor that! Some people can switch up their diet & lifestyle with no problem, great for you! Some people need to take it slow and one day at a time, this is also GREAT! I always advise that you start by adding in more raw fruits and veggies into your diet without taking too much out. Notice how it makes you FEEL! Feeling into your body intuitively points you in the right direction. Every BODY is different and we require different steps. 

Here’s how I transition in and out of a cleanse. [At least] 3-5 days before a cleanse I try and eat as RAW as possible with lots of fruits and veggies. I already do not consume animal products so I start to cut out grains, beans, and limit nuts & seeds. Then, on cleanse day I am ready to go! It’s up to you how deep you want to take it. If your ultimate goal is a juice/water fast then slowly start to wean off the solid foods. Listen to your body!!! Some days its easy and some days it can be more challenging, if you need a healthy fat or steamed veggies, go for it and transition back into the cleanse when you’re ready. When I feel I am good with just liquids (smoothies, juices, & water) then I cut out smoothies and stick to just juice or juicy fruits. Once I’m ready to move forward I cut out the juice and water fast for a day or two. Dry fasting is the next step but it will take some time to work up to that. Finally, as I am ready to reintegrate juices or juicy fruits, I take my time! Slowly adding back in the liquids and then solid fruits & raw veggies. I try and not eat anything cooked for a couple days after a deep cleanse as this can be a shock to my metabolism so I like to take it slowww!

I think thats great advice to many transitions we face in life- take it slow, feel into it, only move forward when you are ready! Sometimes, I can get caught up in my mind and try and force things to move along faster than they are. Then, I remember, its all in divine timing! Just like todays Lions Gate portal (8/8) a transition into the Egyptian New Year when the cosmos align and greet us into a new entryway of courage, determination & abundance. Perfect day to launch our Raising Vibes Instagram account! We have been working on this for almost 5 years now.. feels like the longest transition! Lol Now, we feel everything has aligned and we are ready to step forward and share these creations with you all. Stay tuned, I know you will love it!