New Moon Cacao Ritual Dream Journey

New Moon Cacao Ritual Dream Journey

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New Moon Cacao Ritual: Yoga, Transcendental Journeying, Live Music & Sound Healing

This ceremony holds space for heart-connection and self-exploration as we set intentions for the final New Moon of the Summer and allow the cacao to carry them within. Flying on the wings of music and purified by healing plants, this journey guides us into deeper connection with the Earth and with ourself, revealing through the medicine of movement, music, shamanic journeying and sacred sounds, how we can be the harmony to the song of our life. This is a journey of remembering -here we awaken to our heart and receive the wisdom it holds.

Winter and Alessandra are excited to be collaborating and holding this transformational space. Winter will be sharing the sacred cacao medicine she carries and her live medicine music, shamanic journeying and sound healing. Alessandra will be guiding a yoga practice to support the body, mind and spirit in finding a deeply surrendered and present state so the fullness of the journey may be received. 

This offering allows us to explore new dimensions in a safe and held space, where we find healing as we receive insight and clarity from the dream realm, which we can bring back with us into our daily lives.

Cacao is a sacred plant from Central and South America commonly known as and used in chocolate. In it's unprocessed form it has many medicinal properties and has been traditionally used in ceremony. Cacao is a heart-opener and allows us to soften into our heart space and connect with our intuition.

Shamanic journeying works with drum beats as a tool to induce alpha and theta brain waves guiding one into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. In this state, intuition is awakened, allowing access to symbols and memories which offer clarity, soul guidance and connection with inner wisdom.


Winter is a passionate ceremonialist, musician and yoga instructor (RYT-700), residing in the Sierra Foothills of California. Here she is co-creating a spiritual community and retreat center, The Confluence, where she currently holds a variety of monthly ceremonial circles and offerings. Music is the heart in all Winter shares as she allows the sounds and vibrations to inspire and facilitate healing. Winter is a Moon Dancer and pipe carrier of the Metztliyoliliztli Danza in Costa Rica where she has completed her four-year commitment and received the Mexica name, Koskatlan, as a symbol of this initiation. This name, meaning, ‘the woman who weaves her life,’ guides Winter’s work as she weaves the wisdom of different traditions together, in the same way her ancestry is woven from different parts of the world. 

Winter has spent the last five years in countries and communities around the globe where she received teachings from elders and experienced many traditional forms of healing. From this work she has found inspiration and guidance for holding space and using music as medicine. Inspired by sacred plants, the earth, and prayer, Winter strives to weave her visions, experiences and the wisdom she receives, into her work, guiding participants to become aware of the sacred space within and of our deep connection with the earth.

Alessandra Milena has always had a genuine curiosity for life and how we evolve and awaken as human beings. Creating a balanced life full of abundance, health and wellness within her family unit is her biggest passion. Ale began practicing yoga in 2009 and became certified in 2013, she has been teaching privately and in yoga studios around the country- particularly in Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Her practice incorporates poses and functional movements learned from many different backgrounds and body types ranging from Vinyasa to Iyengar alignment inspired practice to college football injury prevention and back. Alessandra loves working with beginners and advanced yogis alike. As a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and Clinical Iridologist, she is able to integrate whole body healing into her offerings. The wealth of knowledge Alessandra has about the human body will leave practitioners with a new deeper level of understanding about themselves and their own bodies.

A Peruvian mother and orator on her medicine path, Alessandra works with plant medicines from all over the world consciously curating intentional spaces for herself, her family, and community. Hosting seasonal equinox and solstice gatherings in Salida for the past year has given her the opportunity to hold space for her community while setting intentions for the new seasons to come. Ale and her regenerative hemp farming family including two young boys & partner Ford reside in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of Colorado and advocate for whole body healing using plants, mindfulness, and connection to source. 


In order to make this event accessible to the whole community, this will be a sliding scale event, please donate what resonates with you financially. The lowest tier Selenite Ticket is $30 and also considered the Early Bird ticket. We encourage everyone to register early so that we get an accurate head count for the cacao elixirs. At the door, tickets will be a minimum of $45.

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