Regenerate your body down to a cellular level.


Detoxification & Movement are vital parts of our lives if we want to stay healthy, strong & free. 


Private Consultations & Protocols

Symptom Identification
Dietary & Herbal Protocols

Dive into a discussion about the root causes of 'dis-ease' symptoms or blockages you may be experiencing. Alessandra will help bring understanding to the root causes of these symptoms, identify any genetic organ or gland weaknesses, and help you create a plan of action!

After a free consultation & self-assessment with Alessandra, she is able to craft a customized dietary and herbal protocol for you based on your genetic weaknesses, areas you want to target & symptoms you may have. Dietary protocol is high in raw fruits and vegetables to aid the body in its natural process of detoxification. Herbal formulas are created by Dr. Robert Morse and his Herbal Health Clinic. Alessandra has been trained to help customize protocols for individuals seeking to take their detox further with herbs. 


Detoxification Programs

Informational Ebooks
Supportive Community Setting
Recipes & Meal Plans

After leading a couple very successful community cleanses, Alessandra has these programs dialed down! Enjoy diving into your clean eating journey with the support and encouragement of those in your community locally and all around the world! You will receive all the education you need to safely start your detox! Ale dives into the importance of high-vibrational foods to keep our vitality high & stamina rocking! Highly electric fruits and veggies will make you feel alive and allow you to absorb & utilize nutrients! Ale is happy to travel is coordinate these cleanses anywhere around the world!


Iris Analysis

Ancient Healing Modality
Identify Genetic Weaknesses
Complements Protocols

Iridology is the ancient art of eye reading. Alessandra is a Certified Iridology Specialists and is able to take a picture of your eyes and along with an Iridology Chart created by Dr. Bernard Jensen and fine-tuned by Dr. Robert Morse identify where “trouble” areas may be. This is a great tool to use along with the dietary and herbal protocols because it allows us to focus on the areas that need it the most, first! Prioritizing which organs or glands need to be detoxed is a great way to get results fast and avoid heavy detox symptoms. Ale is also happy to send you links to learn how to take your own iris pictures to submit.


Educator & Guest Speaker

Cellular Detoxification
Alignment & Movement
Fun & Healthy Families

Raise your vibration with the foods you put into your body. Ale loves sharing all she has learned on her healing journey. She is helping to inspire others to become the highest version of themselves by providing high-quality information on self-healing the human body. Workshops may include some of the following: education on regenerative detoxification, alignment of the human body, recipe ideas, sample menus & empowering words promoting a healthy plant based diet. Children & families are her speciality as she has two young boys and has experienced the dinner-time struggles & pickiness. Alessandra enjoys speaking to open-hearted audiences and those who are interested in and even ready to take sovereignty over their health and wellness!


Past Community Cleanses