Alessandra has always had a genuine curiosity for life and how we evolve and awaken as human beings. After living a standard college lifestyle with low energy and a poor diet, she met her partner Ford and together they embarked on a clean eating journey in Texas, as she went through her yoga teacher training program. Having each others support and encouragement throughout the transitions has always been key to their success. After her first cleanse in 2013, Ale realized her human potential and how good we can feel in our bodies when we commit to eating real living food from the earth! Alessandra has begun the ever-evolving process of healing her body after a lifetime of toxic food & lifestyle choices. Alessandra led a very successful 8 Day Winter Cleanse with Rita Jean Flemming in January 2018 and went through her Regenerative Detoxification Training at Dr. Robert Morse's International School of Detoxification in May 2018. Later that month, Alessandra teamed up with her good friend Zan DiCicco owner of Juicelation Juice & Smoothie Bar in Naples, Florida- Ale's hometown. They put on a Spring Community Cleanse that had a great turnout and participation from locals and virtual participants. Ale & Rita turned up the community for a Summer Freedom Cleanse in July 2018. In October, Ale was reunited with all of her fruit-loving friends at Dr. Morse’s Level Two Detox & Iridology training where she learned the ancient healing modality of iris-analysis and became a Certified Iridology Specialist. Ale loves to share about her journey and how much it has shifted & evolved in her life. She looks forward to continuing to offer these cleanses as well as other workshops & events focused on health and wellness of the body, mind & spirit. Ale enjoys helping educate and encourage others to live a more sustainable and organic life, but most importantly to lead by example.

Alessandra was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Naples, Florida when she was 5 years young. After high school her free spirit guided her west to New Mexico, Texas & Colorado. Ale and her family currently reside in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado.