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Hey friend. 

Are you tired of feeling tired? Lazy, bloated, irritable, constipated, low energy, moody, anxious, depressed?

You don't have to feel this way anymore. 

Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration is our bodies way of naturally healing itself. When we take a step back, eat raw fruits & veggies, and rest our body is capable of miracles! I believe in you!


I also believe that our bodies were created with all of the parts and pieces we need to survive and thrive on this planet. The Divine Creator blessed us with delicious fruits, grounding veggies, and medicinal herbs to heal our own bodies. 

Alkalinity plays a huge role in our lives. While the majority of the world eats highly acidic diets, I applaud you for stepping into your truth and evolving towards (or even wanting to evolve towards) a more alkaline, mucusless, and high vibrational diet.

It all goes back to The Great Lymphatic System, our bodies 'sewer system' that helps us eliminate wastes and by-products as well as host immune cells. Chronic acidosis comes from lifetimes and even generations of acidic diets, toxins & pollutants. Acidosis triggers an immune response in the cells which leads to inflammation. Our bodies do the best they can to eliminate these wastes however, after years of mucoid plaque build-up, it blocks proper absorption & utilization of vitamins & nutrients.

The healing journey can be intense, empowering and self-reflective all at once. I have learned so much about myself on this journey and am forever grateful to my teachers and mentors. Especially, Regenerative Detoxification Specialists Rita Jean Flemming and Dr. Robert Morse.

It's time we take control over our kingdom, our human vessels. We only have one physical body in this lifetime, why not nourish and love it as much as we can?! You can do this, you were born for this. Discover how good you can truly feel in you body!

Let's step into the best and highest version of ourselves together!  


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Cacique Boutique


So many of us have become consumed with trying the latest detoxes, diets, and workout programs that promise to bring us healthy, skinnier results. This trend, although moving in the right direction, does not always come with the proper knowledge that is best for our individual body. And skinnier is definitely not always the healthiest outcome. So, we have brought a special guest, Alessandra Gastadello– a regenerative detox specialist, to answer all of the most common questions we have about detoxing!


Do you have symptoms of anxiety, depression, low energy, constipation, or even more serious diagnoses?! Then the time is NOW! Obviously summer is easier because of the abundance of fruits available but I have also led 8-day winter cleanses with great success! To speed up a cleanse you stick to the high-fruit, if you have a big day or need to slow it down, incorporate more veggies, soaked nuts & seeds. Detox symptoms such as cold/flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. are very real so you may want to be able to do it over the weekend or during a period of time where you could work from home or take it easy. Remember, it’s ok if you need to slow down the cleanse or not dive in too deep too fast, every BODY is different and some of us have more toxic waste built up in our cells so it’s definitely a process!

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Raising Vibes Farms

learn more about our family’s high-cbd hemp farm & products. we are consciously and regeneratively growing and crafting our magic in the sangre de cristo mountains of colorado.


“Most people chew and swallow their food without thought of how or why it is utilized within the body. We assume that if it's edible, it's usable by the body. This just simply isn't so.”

— Dr. Robert Morse ND


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